Friday, December 20, 2013

Comparing Titus & Georgia, 5&6 weeks

So when Titus was first born, I thought he looked identical to Georgia! (Ok, he was the slightly chubbier/boy version). But now, looking at pictures, I think they look vastly different. So, I thought it would be fun to compare the two of them. In this picture, Georgia is about 6 weeks old. Titus is 5 weeks old.
One thing I notice when looking back at pictures is that Georgia was much more smiley. She smiled in almost every picture I have of her!

Some similarities: both kids have the same scalp/hair. They both had/have cradle cap, and loose hair the same way. So far, Titus has lost his hair in the front, keeping long hair in the back. The same thing happened to Georgia, creating some funny hair styles in her early days.

That's about where the similarities end. Titus is much lighter skin tone. He is white and red, while Georgia has always had a nice tan look. Their faces are shaped differently, and Titus just looks like a boy. I will try to get some more pictures to compare in the near future.

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