Monday, August 24, 2009

Dresser Part 1

So my biggest project lately has been the dresser that I bought at the Salvation Army. This is a picture of it on our patio.

What I first did was remove the drawers and hardware. I bought some of this

and sprayed it onto the dresser to remove all the paint. When I was done it looked like this.

Since it is not perfect, I took a scraper to it and scraped away any excess paint. This is a picture of the front of it in progress.

Here is an up-close picture of some of the work I'm doing. More to come later!

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Andrea Denny said...

That is going to be a fun before and after picture. Scraping paint off is tedious work. Good luck with your projects. :o) I wish I had room to do some but no backyard or garage makes it hard to do anything bigger than sewing.