Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arrival in London

Here's a quick post to let everyone know we arrived in London! It was quite an experience, although I believe God gave us traveling mercies. It could have been much worse, traveling with 10 bags on a 10 hour flight when 8 months pregnant :-)
The bags that we took with us on the airplane. 5 of them... haha... so much for light traveling!

Check-in at the airport was fairly easy, thanks to Dave's Premier status (frequent flier miles do pay off! - we get to use the special premier check-in at LAX). We did have to re-pack one of the bags, but really for traveling with so many bags, that was easy. We also were in the Economy Plus section of the plane and shared three seats between the two of us. I was able to stretch out, and although I didn't sleep, it was really nice to have that extra room. Also, the plane had really fun touch-screen TVs on each seat, so I played some boring games (Bejewled or Memory anyone?) and watched two movies to pass the time.

Talking on the phone to people before we leave... saying last minute good-byes!

Upon arrival at Heathrow, we quickly found all of our luggage. We did have a problem with the stroller and stroller box that we brought. As Dave said, it looked like a bear mauled it. Pretty well said. Good news is the stroller still works. Has a bit of cosmetic damage. Bad news is that the bassinet is broken. We're in talks with both United and a company that "repairs" destroyed goods. So, we should either get a new stroller, a new bassinet or it will be fixed. I was so happy that it was just the stroller, because if any of the other boxes had been destroyed, it would have resulted in a "rainshower" of clothes/books/baby items!
Looking at the box, its actually amazing that there wasn't more damage to the stroller.... 

Here are some pictures of our day here!

Dave before dinner at the pub. I realized I didn't have any pictures of him!

Our "traditional" dinner - fish and chips and "jacket" with beans and cheese. 

Had to take the touristy picture of the double-decker bus. We'll have to ride one of them soon!

Just kidding!

Almost 32 weeks pregnant :-)

Another picture of the pub. Sorry for the bad order of photos. 


Sarah said...
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kate wallace said...

I am SO glad you made it there safely! How exciting!!! You live in England! I am so glad that you are already having so much fun and that when we come for Christmas, we can take Georgia to Harrods and buy her a Teddy Bear or something:):):):)

Gail Wallace said...

Whew! So glad you made it to the hotel with MOSTLY everything intact. So sad to see the stroller box picture. Good grief! United better come through on that for you! Love you guys, and thanks for the pics. It really helps those of us who are missing you already! Love you!

Carrie Troyer said...

Yay for pictures! We are so glad you made it and you are a super cute prego mommy!

Sarah said...

the 32 weeks prego picture is SUPER cute! I can't wait for you to be a mom! :)

Courtney said...

I love your perspective on things! The stroller incident probably would have upset me more than it did you. :) We miss you guys already!

Linda and Michelle said...

Love the updates!

Anonymous said...

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