Sunday, September 19, 2010


The second part of my Wisconsin trip was that I then flew to Colorado to meet my immediate family. My parents and siblings live there. Dave took that week off of work and flew to Colorado also, to see my family. He met me at the airport. 

It was really relaxing having someone take care of us for a week! My mom did my laundry, she planned a little "baby shower" with some women that I knew from when I was in high school. We ate some yummy foods and just caught up. They had a time of prayer and encouragement for me. It was really sweet!

There is a restaurant in Colorado called Casa Bonita. It is a tourist trap. Seriously. Terrible food. We decided that if Taco Bell would come and cater the food it would be much, much better. That's how terrible it is. Think of a cheese enchilada with nacho cheese like you get at a football game for your nachos. That's terrible. 

Anyways, my younger siblings and Dave have never been there, so we thought we'd drive out to this restaurant and see the cliff divers, the gorilla, and all the other random things at this "restaurant". 
So this is all of us trying to take a picture while at the table. From left to right, me, Dave, Jon, Tim and Teresa. 

Okay.... there food is terrible, but they have a pretty good dessert -sopapillas. I don't even know what it is, but its deep fried and you eat it with honey. Again, pretty good, but only if you enjoy feeling the oil coat the back part of your throat. 

So, this is our attempt at taking pictures. Teresa, Tim, me and Dave. 

and this time Dave took the picture... so here's my brother Jon! (Notice how I'm the shortest of all my siblings? Sad day!) 

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