Saturday, September 4, 2010

August update

The month of August was incredibly stressful on Dave and I.

  • We were busy moving out of our house, moving into his parents house. My wonderful brother came out to help us move and pack things up because I cannot do as much as I used to be able to do. 
  • Dave took a "business" trip to Malaysia. This was one of his easier trips (I think). It was basically a conference for World Vision peeps. Kuala Lumpur looks pretty neat. 
  • Andrea got to go to Wisconsin and Colorado to visit family. More on this later
  • Andrea hung out with her now-freshman girls. Pictures coming. 
  • We are still in limbo about moving to London. We have a half-answer: World Vision was licensed to apply for 2 visas, and because of our "situation" we get one of the two. We found that out about two weeks ago, but we still do not have the visas. We have been told that Dave's visa (and Andrea's) will come by the end of September.....
  • Wallace family vacation to Lake Arrowhead

Well, here's some more detail: 

The Wallace family went up to a friend's cabin at Lake Arrowhead. We stayed at a wonderfully cute 4 bedroom "cabin". We were about a mile and a half up from the lake. The cabin had a small lake view, but also looked out over the valley. Because I'm not good at always taking pictures, here's one from the Internet of the Lake Arrowhead Village.

Here's a picture that I took from the cabin while the sun was setting. 

Several times during the summer, the youth group takes a trip to the beach. The boys go swimming, I read a good book, and we get to sing songs in the car. Fun!

That is Alex, Cassy and Eden in the back seat of my car. 

And Eden, Melanie, Alex and me

Alex, Julia and me

And finally, me, Julia and Cassy


kate wallace said...

Our trip to Arrowhead was so fun!

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