Tuesday, September 14, 2010


For my birthday, Dave sent me on a trip to Wisconsin to visit my extended family. The other part of the trip was that his dad did chapel for the Green Bay Packers, so he was able to scrounge up some tickets for my cousins and me to go to the game! 

This is my cousin Maria and I. We are "best-cousins" :-) And it was so much fun seeing her!

The Packers coming onto the field. 

Playing the game. Aren't our seats amazing? We were on the 50 yard line. Okay, confession time. From what we heard, our tickets belonged to a Green Bay Packer by the name of Scott Wells, the center. The tickets that Kevin and Tony used were those of Aaron Rodgers. Heard of him? Well you will because he is going to kick some butt this year!
Maria and I at the end of the game. 

Tony and Kevin are Maria's brothers. They went to the game with us. 

The game was awesome! 59 to 24! It was the largest victory in many many years (don't remember the exact amount)

Maria's home (well, her parents). Isn't it just gorgeous? 

The classic Wisconsin barn. 

It was so wonderful seeing my family. They spoiled me unbelievably. Especially with the food. Fish fry, ice cream, cheese, blueberry pancakes, more cheese, cheese curds, blueberry coffee cake, fried cheese curds... do you sense a pattern? yummmm... I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it all! If you want to see pictures of the food I ate, its on facebook. Yup. It was so good I took pictures of it. Anyways.... thank you to all my Wisconsin relatives I was able to spend time with! I love you and plan on coming back for some more of that cheese next July.

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Maria said...

you better be visiting soon! Thanks for posting-loved seeing the pictures! I'll be praying for you guys especially during this week of transition!