Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Differences: Media

We've only been here a short time, and every once in a while I'll discuss some differences between the countries.

Seriously now.... open up a newspaper and there will be a picture of a topless woman. Right in front of you. Awesome! (Catch the sarcasm?)

Along the same line, nudity on TV is also more acceptable. We've caught several clips of things that, in America, would be censored, but in England, they can show it. For example, there is a TV show here that shows funny YouTube videos. All of a sudden (and out of nowhere!), they were showing a gay workout video from the 70s in which all the men were naked. Like I said - I did not sign up for that one!

Swearing is also more common on TV (I've heard its after 9pm). I was watching Hells Kitchen, which, in America would be bleeped out (since they do use those words that I don't dare repeat). Well, in England, they just go ahead and let all of them fly. In fact, I think they added in a few extras.

The BBC is the broadcasting center, and was, up until a few years ago, the only programming on TV. People pay a yearly fee for TV (somewhere around 100 pounds or so) but more recently they have been also purchasing satellite. Anyways, the BBC has at least five channels. (Then there are others on our TV because we have satellite in the hotel). The funny thing is that some of the channels don't even turn on until nighttime or a certain time of the day. Anywhere from one-third to one-half of the channels on my TV, at any given time, are "closed".

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