Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This last week I was exploring the London area alone as Dave went to Azerbaijan for work. I was able to fill my week up really well with looking for properties, starting to buy baby items and getting to know the area of Wimbledon pretty well.

I've been finding that everything takes much longer than it should, just because I don't know the way its done. For example, buying laundry detergent is difficult because I don't know where in the store its found, what it looks like, or what the brand is called. And when the laundry detergent is next to the dishwashing detergent, forget it!

I'll have some more posts about the details of house hunting, but I will leave you with some pictures from Wimbledon.
This is the view from the hotel room (when you lean out the window). I have no clue what the building is, but it's pretty cool!

Just some of the beautiful leaves changing colors. 

This is an average row of houses in the Wimbledon area. 

I did take lots of other pictures - go to facebook to see them!

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rcbixby said...

Oh I do love getting updated on your blog...such beautiful pictures!
Praying for you all.