Monday, October 11, 2010

Our first Sunday in London

I'm really behind in blogging.... wrote this a week ago! Here you go!

This past Sunday, we knew we would attend the Raynes Park Community Church since that was the church that our friends from back in California used to attend. Its a Salvation Army church in a city very near where we're staying in Wimbledon. Thanks to Facebook, some lovely people we had never met before invited us to tea and croissants before church. We had a wonderful time with them and it was really neat for us to be invited to someone's house! People have warned us that proper English people are not very warm and friendly at the beginning of relationships. Well, they haven't been to this church!

After our croissants, we walked to the church and enjoyed our time there. It is a small church with maybe 75 adults and 50 (or more!) kids. The Sunday we visited was a bit un-traditional which we were told happens once in a while. They have a gospel choir that led worship and then for the sermon, it was a group participation activity. The one thing we really loved about the church was how warm and friendly everyone was. People were very inviting and talkative. There are several young babies and other pregnant women and some other young couples, so it feels like a place we'd fit into. I think this next week we will try another church just to see what churches in the area are like.

After church, a family had invited us over for lunch. It was really a "lovely" time! The food was wonderful - and homemade - even better! (We've been eating out every single meal since we've been in this country!) We had lots of good conversation and it was just wonderful to relax and get to know them better. It really made for a perfect day. It was so nice of all these people to open their homes to us, feed us, and spend so much time with us!

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